All New SnowEditor 2.0 for ServiceNow

Improve ServiceNow Implementation & Development with powerful Eclipse-based IDE. Make the most of your ServiceNow platform - your starting point for creating better standards based applications more quickly and efficiently.

It's about delivering best IT services.

Improve ServiceNow Implementation & Development with powerful Eclipse-based IDE. Spend less time worrying about web-based steps and more focusing on your development. With enterprise-class features like code-level access control & version control, it is the best tool for Developers, Process Owners, Architects and Project and Configuration Managers. Following are some of the many features SnowEditor offers:

Faster Development

Develop everything faster than ever with top notch IDE compatible with ServiceNow. Simultaneously open and work on multiple files even if they are on different instances.

Cloud-based Team & License Management

Easily manage instances, teams, review test cases and code versions using cloud-based Team management.

Code Versioning

Work in large teams and forget about code conflicts. Quickly discover issues and revert using cloud source control. Git integration enables you to manage projects with Git-source control. .

Code Assits

Intelligent Code Assits allows developers to quickly write standards based Glide and Jelly scripts. SnowEditor IDE for Glide & Jelly will improve your development workflow.

Flexible User Interface

Customize the user interface to suit your needs and take the changes with you, in case you work from multiple machines.

Multiple Instances

Work on multiple ServiceNow platform instances and easily migrate code changes.

Why enroll for beta access?

You will help us build the best IDE for the greatest ITSM platform ever built. As a beta-tester you will always get access to early releases of our products, and discounts and additional benefits when we launch the IDE. If you are a manager, developer, analysts or consultant and as passionate about ServiceNow platform as we are, this is your opportunity to show that.

What is SnowEditor?

Ideal IDE that is compatible with ServiceNow. Whether you want to write standards based scripted services, business rules, server-side includes, client-side scripts, UI Actions, UI Macros, design workflows or modify form layouts, Snow Editor has got you covered.

SnowEditor is a powerful Eclipse based IDE for those who want to develop better and standards based applications on ServiceNow platform. Take a second to explore it!

Starting from writing Glide and Jelly scripts to code-versioning, managing Tables and Columns and creating Workflows in a more professional way to managing and architecting Applications and Modules, Snow Editor has everything you would expect from an IDE for ServiceNow platform. Just install the app (will be available to public soon) from the ServiceNow Store and connect the IDE to your instance. Currently, IDE is available in beta for all major OSs - Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Amazingly Simple & Robust

Snow Editor makes it easy to develop for ServiceNow platform and makes working on Glide and Jelly scripts a breeze by allowing developers to use a familiar Eclipse-based environment.

Tons of Features & Enterprise-Ready

We have been working on this IDE for years and we have added lots of features. You can write any kind of script that runs on ServiceNow platform. It is compatiable with different versions of ServiceNow platform and adjusts according to your projects requirement.

It will change everything!

Don't just take our word for it. Join the early access program and experience it yourself.

Whether you are a beginner or are a seasoned developer, Snow Editor will greatly enhance your ServiceNow development. It will also improve development process.

Efficiently create or modify Tables (Data Dictionary) or edit forms in a real WYSIWYG mode or add any of the rich Jelly components from our components base.

SnowEditor for ServiceNow platform makes the process of working on large projects and team very smooth, while enabling you to create business rules, workflows and all other  server or client side scripts with developer level access control & code versioning.

Enroll for Beta Access

Enroll for Beta Access! Become a beta tester and enjoy additional benefits.